I’m probably the only one who really hates Alluka.a

hey thanks for putting this in the alluka tag because when im in the alluka tag what i really want to see is people saying they really hate alluka so im really glad you put this post in there or i never would have known that you hated alluka which is clearly vital information. also eat shit




women get more notes on they posts cause no matter what you identify as, you can appreciate a woman’s beauty but these straight niggas stopping my shine know i be looking great but they on’t wanna seem gay like bruh just reblog me as a friend or tag it as no homo this nigga cute no homo


white people cry reverse racism about comic book characters being colored black but they finna make an entire movie about egyptians starring all white people. 

i’m petitioning for a george washington biopic starring samuel l jackson.



this is all i have to contribute

including a drawn selfie by the wonderfully talented tumblr user ‘agent-bathory’


I think and my girl have given so much effort in being with each other it’s almost like we’ve been trying to push the same polar ends of magnets together and ignoring what’s pushing us apart.
Just forcing shit out of love. Not about these thoughts right now.





I’d feel like a little bitch if I didn’t reblog this

I lost it at “bitch mittens”

cant bitch out now

"bitch sticker"

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Sometime u be in a bad mood and then u see a titty and be in a not so bad mood

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